Meet The Owner

Michelle Watson is a retired Emmy Award winning filmmaker who loves working with children. She currently teaches kids commercial, film and television acting thru her company The Watson Academy while also running other youth programs. Originally from New York City, Michelle currently resides in Smyrna, Ga. with her husband and their 3 children.  



In a recent interview with Rolling Out Magazine, Michelle talks about some of the challenges that parents (herself included) have had to go thru related to the ongoing pandemic.  "It so challenging to try to work to put food on the table and at the same time, to have to figure out how to keep your kids on pace with their school work during the day", says Ms. Watson.  "I deal with a lot of parents and many of them have expressed to me their frustrations and they really don't know where to turn!  That's what got my husband and I to thinking about starting the Watson Center.  While I can't help everybody, for ten to twelve families, our new center will make a world of difference!"